We understand why many small businesses in the Saint Louis metropolitan area do not hire a professional bookkeeper, so let us help you think through rationale for doing so.

Does your business need outside bookkeeping?

Many businesses stagnate or struggle to stay out of the red for lack of proper financial records. Owners often lack the structure, time or knowledge for adequate record keeping. These pitfalls can be remedied.

Do your financial reports work for you?

The ability to make informed decisions, corrections, and projections for the future of your business is strongly affected by your ability to review your financial situation. Outside bookkeeping offers greater reporting capabilities while saving you time. Useful reports available timely will help you make better financial and business decisions.

Do you have proper financial records and effective procedures and controls?

Systems can be customized to meet your needs, simple or complex.

Is your record keeping sufficient, yet you don’t have time to complete it when you need it?

Out sourcing some or all your bookkeeping will save you time and allow you to be more effective in other areas.

Can you afford complete “in house” bookkeeping?

In house resources might be better spent on sales and marketing. Outside bookkeeping services may be more cost effective and free you to focus on the “business” of your business. Our standard pricing packages are posted at this page (but we also have pay-as-you need options).

Other questions? Let’s talk.

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